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At Resilient Minds Collective, we see individuals through a wholistic lens that incorporates their emotional well being and learning style!

Diversity Students


Academic or vocational problems may be caused by a number of psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, low self esteem, or self defeating attitude. These also may be the result of struggling with ADHD and learning disabilities.

We provide child/adolescent, adult, individual, group counseling and parent coaching. We specialize in issues impacting academic and vocational functioning, including depression, anxiety, coping skills, ADHD, and social skills/peer relations. We are here for you. 

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Everyone can use some help sometimes to meet their goals. We provide individual and group coaching sessions to optimize your school, work, and personal life. We provide a safe, confidential space to talk through your goals and are a neutral sounding board to bounce ideas around with to support your personal and professional development. We provide executive functioning coaching programs and professional development coaching. We provide strategies and structure to partner with you to help see your goals come to fruition.


Our team at Resilient Minds Collective has provided many presentations for local, national, and international audiences on a range of topics. We are available for keynote, professional development, and parenting workshops and presentations in-person or virtually through video conferencing. Check out our individual bios on the Meet the Team page for our areas of specialty. Some of our recent presentations topics include academic interventions, psychoeducational evaluations, mental wellbeing, self-care, diversity, equity, inclusion, and tips for supporting individuals with visual impairment or Deafblindness.


Do you have concerns regarding a specific need for a screening such as dyslexia or ADHD or have interest in a giftedness screening? Or perhaps you are interested in a limited scope assessment such as the area of intellectual assessment or academic areas to facilitate private school evaluation needs. Maybe you would like to know more about yourself and explore ideas for different vocational paths. We offer a variety of assessment options to meet your needs.

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We offer a variety of high quality, comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations to address the question: why am I struggling?

We will work with you or your loved one to identify strengths and areas where support may be needed by looking at their cognitive, academic and general psychological functioning.

Generally speaking, our assessments consist of a one-hour intake interview, clinical rating scales/forms, and a review of pertinent records. Testing hours vary depending on the nature of the evaluation request. At the conclusion of our assessment, we will meet with you to make sure you understand our findings and recommendations.

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Are you interested in how your or your loved one's brain works? We are, too! Our school neuropsychological evaluations are conducted by a diplomate of the American Board of School Neuropsychology, who will guide you through the details of the results. This in-depth at your brain's strengths and challenges will give you a conceptualization of how your brain functions.

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We believe that we are stronger together! At Resilient Minds Collective, we provide individual, didactic and group options for graduate students who require California Board of Behavioral Science (BBS) hours. We also offer contracts to school districts who are looking for supervisors to incoming school psychologists. We are passionate about promoting professional growth.

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Building a system of support for the learner is of great importance! At Resilient Minds Collective, we provide consultations to parents, students, adult learners and school personnel to meet their needs. We love to be a part of facilitating solutions.

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