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May, Maya, and Darlene wearing glasses and masks
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Darlene completed my daughter's independent educational evaluation (IEE). I specifically chose Darlene because of her experience with the D/HoH population. Since my daughter is HoH, I wanted to make sure that an evaluator with solid understanding of this low incidence disability provides a thorough assessment of her skills and unique areas of need. Darlene took the time to get to know my daughter and hear out my concerns. Her evaluation piece addressed each of those concerns and provided meaningful input to the IEP team that resulted in better understanding of the implications of her disability. Darlene's report was exceptional and written in parent friendly language. Her assessment facilitated the process in securing an educational placement where my daughter is currently thriving. I highly recommend Darlene's services.

Sil L.

"We wanted to take another minute to thank you both [May and Dr. Jen Engle] SO MUCH for putting on a wonderful presentation for us at our virtual CE seminar (Integrative Rehabilitation Psychotherapy for Brain Injury – Cog ECHO)...May held down the fort and gave an incredibly informative presentation...We have gotten positive feedback from multiple participants about the thoughtfulness/respectfulness/inclusiveness and general utility of this presentation for the audience’s clinical work. The resources you provided for more learning/information and consultation are also invaluable! The topic was incredibly relevant to our audience of primarily rehabilitation and neuropsychologists, as well as a handful of other rehabilitation clinicians (counselors, SLP, OT, etc.)."

Joelle Broffman, PsyD
Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dear May,
Thank you so much for participating in the Careers in Psychology series! We really appreciate the time you took to share your expertise with our students. You did a great job providing a wide range of information about the job of a School Psychologist, confirmed by the results of a short survey we asked attendees to complete after the webinar; of those who responded 100% agreed that they got a really good overview of the field.

Skyline College Professor Jennifer Merrill

"Being a first year school psychologist can be stressful and difficult at times. Maya’s coaching support was extremely beneficial to me during my first year as a credentialed school psychologist. Her experience as both a clinical therapist and school psychologist, as well as her patience and sense of humor significantly reduced my stress levels. In addition, she helped me to refine my own practices and made me a better school psychologist. I am so grateful for her support!"

First Year School Psychologist in Santa Clara County

"Very friendly and knowledgeable about IEP’s and assessments. Will use this business again in the future."

Parent of an Elementary Student

"Great presentation! Thank you for answering my questions. I feel so lucky to meet you today."

Attendee at Parent Webinar

Testimonials: Testimonials
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